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What is SpeBid Japan Affiliate?
There are a lot of rare & great items sold at Yahoo Japan Auction(YJA) with very reasonable prices, but the problem is, most Japanese sellers will not ship internationally, simply because they do not understand English or would not know how to deal with international buyers. So SpeBid is your middleman/proxy in Japan to get these items to you anywhere in the world.

Here is the SpeBid Affiliate:
If you refer anyone to SpeBid Japan and he/she starts using SpeBid shopping Services, you will earn $3 instantly per person. You can start by promoting your UNIQUE SPEBID REFERRAL URL on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc and start driving people to SpeBid. You can also check your statistics to see how many people signed up through your link and how many people moved to group 2 which means they started using spebid and earned $3 each.

You can see proof of payment below:

User's profile:

Thanks as you share and start earning. No fraud, no cheating.
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